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  • How I Got My Beautiful Eyelashes Back

    Posted on July 24th, 2012 Jojo No comments

    Hi guys,

    I am Jojo, a 26-year-old plain looking girl whose eyes are her greatest asset. Since my childhood I have been known among my friends, family and even boys, as a girl with beautiful eyelashes.

    But 5 months ago things begun to change and people started ignoring me because my beautiful eyelashes started thinning. I was left with nothing but remorse at my plight because my hometown’s best ophthalmologist was unable to provide the appropriate treatment for that.

    Today, I have started receiving the compliments again, thanks to Idol Lash, a wonderful eyelash enhancer.

    How it happened

    First, I ignored the problem for a month considering it a normal scenario. In the second month, my eyelashes were so thin; it seemed that I had no eyelashes.

    I was depressed and anxious with the condition.  The boys who were taking interest in me started keeping their distance due to this ugly reason. In the fourth month my patience wore out and I had decided to find out the solution for my problem on my own.


    1.   My first step was to search widely for eyelash enhancers. And for this I found the internet a helpful tool.

    2.   After much search, comparing several eyelash products and carefully going through the reviews of consumers, I had chosen 3 products.


    The first risk that I took was that I was not taking any help from friends and any doctor to choose these products. It was totally my own decision to use them and my only guide was the consumer reviews and my extensive search. I had read a girl’s review about the product, it was inspiring.  And when I took to my social account to know about the product, I was bombarded with so many replies, and 80% of the reviews were positive. The result gave me courage to take that risk, although I did get a few negative responses.

    First Experiment…

    I had chosen Idol Lash first! The product is made of two ingredients- Keratin and Kelp. Keratin is an effective ingredient for hair re-growth and kelp has folic acid which helps create hair follicle cells in eyelashes

    Why This Product First?

    I had chosen it first because the internet helped me get a ton of reviews and videos of the product. I had to go through YouTube videos and carefully read several reviews. The sufficient data that I gathered about the product encouraged me to use this first.

    The Result…

    You would be surprised to know that after that product I didn’t need any other.  It was quite simply a miracle and I am not advocating the product, but it is its quality that intends me to do so. Within a month, my healthy eyelashes were back.

    Now, I am leading a normal life and have got my tag again, “A GIRL WITH BEAUTIFUL EYES.”

  • Eyelash Tinting

    Posted on September 12th, 2012 Jojo No comments

    The eyes are the window to the soul, so it’s great to have them really stand out. Eyelash tinting treatment is catching up fast in the US these days. Almost every beauty salon in the United States provides lash tinting treatment, but fashion experts suggest you to prefer the treatment from a reputed beauty salon. There are some risks associated with it such as swelling eyes.

    As I am an internet savvy and searching over the internet I have found the news related to a severe allergic reaction regarding the treatment. A British girl was temporarily blinded after an eyelash tinting treatment. Her eyes were glued for some days. The allergic reaction was so strong that the girl left her face badly swollen. Her eyes turned red. She rushed to the nearby hospital of her town where she prescribed anesthetic eye drops, steroids and antihistamines. She recovered from the illness, but it terrified her into any further beauty treatments for eyelashes.

    But this doesn’t mean that eyelash tinting is a wrong treatment. Women who desire to have thick and long eyelashes can go for it. The only thing to consider is getting the treatment from expert hands.

    From my point of view, I would prefer my natural beauty. I will try to make my eyelashes thicker and fuller with the eyelash serum that is made of natural ingredients.

    What would you like to go for?