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    Searching over the internet, I have found some interesting news related to mascara reaction. Though the news is old, but something that will keep you alert about your lashes. It is something that may force you to think twice before following celebrity endorsing brands.

    Kate Moss mascara ads banned after complaints her lashes were false…

    Celebrity FollowersKat Moss endorsed a mascara product called “RIMMEL” which according to the manufacturer could give 70% lift to natural eyelashes. The product featured on TV and fashion magazines, but a few people complained that Kat Moss eyelashes were not real.

    In this remark, the manufacturing brand CEO insisted that it was real, but he didn’t have any document that proved he was telling right.

    The Advertising Standard Authority investigated about it and found lashes were false. The authority challenged the manufacturer to back up their claim of 70% lift to lashes.

    A table was organized between the Advertising Authority and the manufacturer to prove the claim. During the meeting, a sample was shown and the mascara really worked well, gave up to 74% lift to natural lashes. But, it was still not cleared whether the Kat Moss featured advertisement was with the fake lashes or real ones. The advertisement was found misleading.

    Later, in a press meeting, the Advertising Authority said that the advertisement of “Rimmel” failed to prove that Kat’s lashes were either real or fake. So, the authority had banned the advertisement.

    Long eyelashes are a desire of almost all girls, but the news itself reveals that being a consumer, we should open our eyes about every product. Beauty conscious women are requested to select the eyelash mascara that is friendly for eyes and far away from adverse reactions.


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