• False Eyelashes Can Damage Real Ones

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    Women tint them, curl them and coat them in layers of mascara to expose their gorgeous eyes. But today’s women don’t find these tools enough for obtaining beautiful eyes.  Instead of highlighting their real eyelashes, they love to hide them with fake ones with a thought that they will make their eyes more beautiful.

    True, these false eyelashes make your eyes beautiful, but false eyelashes are well, false and they may grace yours eyes for an hour or two butafter that you are back to square one.

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    The latest research has proved that using false eyelashes ala singer Cheryl Cole can damage your real ones.

    A famous hair restoration surgeon, DrBessamFarjosaid that he had treated a number of patients who were left with gaps in their lashes because of their overuse of false eyelashes.

    The doctor said, “Some women come to him to get theirdamaged eyelashes treated surgically.”

    Well, for these women, it’s good to go with eyelash enhancers. There are multiple eyelash products available in the world market and to choose the best, it’s good to examine the brand, the ingredients of the products and the reviews.

    You can take help from your eye specialist for over-the-counter eyelash growth products.

    DrFarjoadvises the usefalse eyelashes occasionally and he says“avoid wearing them for a long period of time”. If you avoid double layers, it will be far better because their weight weakens the hair follicles. It is advised to use good quality glue to fix false eyelashes.

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