• Idol Lash Reviews

    Will an Over-the-counter Eyelash Enhancer Work?

    Yes, it works. I have suffered with thin eyelashes just 2 months before this review. My sisters and relatives recommended various home remedies.  I, in fact, met with more than 5 skin specialists and 4 eyes specialists in my hometown. But all went in vain. I was become hopeless at that time, but my younger sister helped me greatly to get me out from it. She is an internet savvy chick and she helped me a lot to find several branded eyelash enhancers. After a week of careful reviews on more than 20 eyelash growth products, I finally chose Idol lash.

    I chose the product first because I had found more than 100 positive reviews on it.  I also talked to around 10 women via sending mails and chat about it. They all replied positively and were satisfied with the product. Their positive replies encouraged me to use it and I ordered the product. You could surprise to know that it worked and I got my health eyelashes back.

    Being a victim of thin eyelashes I know it’s hard to live with the problem on a daily basis. This is why I have decided to give a review of my over-the-counter eyelash enhancer, Idol Lash.

    Struggle for Fuller and Longer Eyelashes…

    My struggle for fuller and longer eyelashes is finally over now. I am a college student and a fashion freak. I love to experiment with my look with not only clothes but also cosmetics. But I didn’t know that experimenting with cosmetics would lead me to pay a heavy price. A few months ago, I had experimented with mascara that was blue color to match well with my latest dress. Right after wearing the mascara I noticed itching on my lashlines and after 2 hours itching increased to the point that I wanted to scratch and pluck my eyebrows.

    Oh, that was really a horrific event for me. I washed my eyes and after removing mascara I noticed great relief. But that wasn’t ending of the trauma. From that day my thick eyelashes started falling out. In just 10 days I noticed a significant amount of loss in my lashes. I wouldn’t tell the agony to my mother because she was quite strict regarding the use of cosmetics.  Finally, I tried to search on eyelash growth products and was afraid to use over-the-counter eyelash enhancers. But one product called Idol Lash has decent reviews and it encouraged me to try it. I read the ingredients and the clinical study of the product carefully and ordered it from an online store. Within just 28 days, I had noticed a great improvement in my lashes and after 45 days, I got my healthy eyelashes back.