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    Lashes for cars may sound amazing but it is a latest trend that I want to bring into notice of all lashes lovers. You must be wondering what has happened to me. Instead of making you aware of Idol Lash and giving tips on lashes growth, I am discussing about car lashes!


    I am still Jojo who promises to keep you updated with eyelash enhancing tips. The post is just to add some fun facts about lashes to my website.

    Lashes for your car means make your car as trendy as you are. It is to give a feminine touch to your car by dressing up the car headlights with false eyelashes.

    The company, carLashes.com, makes false eyelashes for cars. The firm finds car lashes a striking idea to make cars beautiful and stylish.

    The company’s owner says, “You dress up your headlights with a torch of fashion and a twinkle of crystal!”

    So, lashes lovers, it’s time to take your love for lashes at a higher level with car lashes. I am going to accessorize my car’s headlights with these lovely lashes. Are you?

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