• Natural Remedies Vs Eyelash Growth Products

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    There are many misconceptions regarding eyelash growth products. Many use natural remedies because they are afraid to use inorganically made ones. They feel that these products can cause side effects. They are in fear because of some unsuccessful and controversial eyelash products.

    Natural Remedies

    Apply olive oil
    1. Apply olive oil to your lashes once a day before bedtime. Practice the natural remedy for at least a month to see good results.

    2. Apply castor oil to eyelashes every evening and leave it on for 10 minutes, rinse off using warm water.

    3. Make sure you have removed your eye makeup before sleeping.

    4. Eat healthy and don’t stress oo much.

    Eyelash Growth Products

    After much search I have found 4 effective natural remedies. I had even used olive oil for a month regularly and the result wasn’t as satisfactory as I was looking for.  Later, I went with an eyelash product. Now, I have healthy eyelashes.

    Remember, one is unsuccessful; it doesn’t mean that every product is unable to give satisfactory results. The thing that matters while using an eyelash growth product is your knowledge about the product. You should do extensive searches before applying it. Read reviews, know the ingredients used to make the product and take the help of a renowned doctor. These are three essential means to find the satisfactory result from an eyelash enhancer product.  I had applied these three keys and now I am happy with the result.  Now, it’s your turn.

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