• North & South Britain’s Makeup Clash

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    I would like to share with you an interesting tidbit about North and South Britain’s makeup clash. A makeup map of Britain has revealed that North and South Britain’s women are far apart as regards their makeup.

    Northerners are happy to slap on false eyelashes and obtain fake tans whereas the South Britain’s women like to go with natural look, except in Essex.

    South Britain’s Makeup Girl                                                      South Britain’s Makeup

                                                         North Britain’s Makeup

    The survey has been conducted by a UK’s top fashion and gift online retailer, Debenhams.

    Most North Britain’s women wear three pairs of lashes at the same time that make their eyelashes thick and long.

    According to Debenhams, Faux eyelashes sales in North Britain are twice as much as the South. Many of North Britain’s women buy faux eyelashes every fortnight while South Britain’s women carefully choose makeup kits- from foundation to mascara.

    Essex is an exceptional example where women wear heavy eye makeup, false eyelashes, and fake tan and pink lip-gloss.

    Northern celebrities like Abbey Clancy are one of the best examples for makeup clash between the South and the North Britain.

    In the South, women find a natural body color to be more appealing rather than fake tint body.  Well, it is still not clear why the North and the South Britain’s women follow different makeup trends- one likes natural beauty and one likes heavy makeup.

    I feel North Britain and Essex’s women will surely need an eyelash enhancer more than the South. It is because three eyelashes at the same time make their eyelid hair follicles weak.

    North South
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