• The Plug & Sew Method for Longer and Fuller Eyelashes

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    There are multiple ways available to get longer and fuller eyelashes. It is up to you to choose the way, which is suitable and full of worth for you. Talking about “the eyelashes sew method”, it is one of the best ways to get longer and fuller eyelashes. But, it is for those women who can bear pain and swelling after the surgery. It is believed that bruising or swelling may last for 10 days. One more thing is that eyelash sewing can cost $3000 or more per eye. So, are you ready for that? If yes, there is no question that you don’t go for it.

    Longer and Fuller Eyelashes
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    There is no need for waiting to grow your eyelashes; you get instantly thicker and longer eyelashes. Your scalp hair is used for transplanting and the doctor can transplant up to 40 lashes at one go. If you want to get the thickest eyelashes, you will have to book another session with the doctor. Apart from the pain and swelling after the surgery, you can get small milia or whiteheads near the incision. Your vision might be blurred for a few days. The surgery can damage nerves and cause tingling and numbness around your eyes.

    There are alternatives too. If you don’t want to undergo this surgery, an eyelash enhancer serum is one of the best ways. Try to choose the best quality enhancer by going through the product testing and reviews. Most eyelash enhancers give a guarantee of thicker and longer eyelashes within 28 days. It is very easy to apply an enhancer with minimal risks of infection. Now, choices are all yours.

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